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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Team Scentsationa PMA's -

Heather Lambert your Scentsy Star Director . Welcome to our Team Blog! Become a follower. I am excited for this blog. I hope as a team you will feel more connected to each other as we cheer each other on. It is so important to believe in yourself and each other. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND SHARE IDEAS. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP COMMENTS POSITIVE AND APPROPRIATE.

This fall season was not only a record breaking one for Scentsy but also for our Team and Group. Congrats to all of you for working so hard!!! Keep up the great work!!

October Team Sales: $33,423.08 October Group Sales: $76,449.21

November Team Sales: $36,568.16 November Group Sales: $100,470.82

December Team Sales: $26,171.18 December Group Sales: $70,242.93

Spread the word--Try to book some last minute January parties. Anyone who hosts a Scentsy party will earn twice the number of Host half-price items they would normally receive for hosting a party. Remind them about Bring Back My Bar!! Lavender Vanilla is my favorite.

PLEASE NOTE: This promotion applies to Host half-price items only, NOT Host product credit. There is no change to any other aspect of Host Rewards—all standard Host Reward exclusions remain in effect.


Price Change for Plug-In Warmers

Beginning March 1, ALL Plug-In Warmers will increase in price to $20 in the U.S. and $24 in Canada. This strategic decision is necessary for several reasons. When we removed Plug-Ins from the product list in Canada, we noticed something surprising; the average party order volume in Canada actually went UP rather than DOWN. It seems that Plug-Ins have been decreasing the average per-person partyorder volume. Also, because Plug-Ins are sold at a significantly lower price point than our Mid-Size
or Full-Size Warmers, many customers choose one as their first warmer option. An unintended consequence of this choice can be a poor fragrance experience. If the customer places it in a large room, they may be disappointed with the strength and throw of the fragrance. They aren’t falling in love with Scentsy the way many others do when they start with a larger warmer.

Increasing the price of the Plug-In enhances our value proposition and closes the price gap between the Plug-In Warmer and Mid-Size or Full-Size Warmers. This change will make it easier for customers to select the larger size warmers to increase your average party volume AND give your customer a more favorable scent experience.

Expansion into New Markets

Scentsy is embarking on an exciting new adventure—we’ll open the doors to Europe in the spring! Key executives will be going to the United Kingdom and Germany in March to meet with our existing Consultants on military bases and with any other interested prospects who want to learn about Scentsy.

We’re working on catalogs, Starter Kits, enrollment documents, and all of the other tools we will need to successfully launch this international venture. We will allow existing Scentsy Consultants to sponsor in these new markets, but will not allow crossborder
sales. Our hope is to grow our European base organically and virally, just as Scentsy, Inc. has grown in the U.S. and Canada.

We hope you are as excited and energized by this expansion as we all are. We can’t wait to share Scentsy in Europe, and look forward to learning all we can in the UK and Germany so we can use that learning to launch in other countries throughout the world.

Thank you for all you have done to make this expansion possible. We’ll be sharing more details on the launch as our plans are finalized in the next few weeks and months.

New Scentsy “Campus” Plans

Thanks to great teamwork, great products—and especially, great Consultants—Scentsy’s continued growth and success means we can invest in even better corporate facilities to give you even better service and support.

In July of 2010 most of our staff moved to our current, brand-new office facility, which allowed our shipping, kitting and warehousing operations to take over the existing Lanark Street location. Manufacturing moved to its own new location down the street.

Now, because of the continuing growth you have fueled, we will soon consolidate all of our home office—manufacturing, shipping, distribution, Consultant Support, and the entire home office team—in a new Scentsy campus based in Meridian, Idaho.
Construction has already begun and the campus will span multiple acres, including an expanded manufacturing facility, a bigger warehouse, a new distribution center, an events center, and a new office tower. The new space will also help us continue to
improve our workflows and processes. We expect to occupy each building as it is built and ready, with all of the Scentsy headquarters staff working from this new campus by 2013.

Business Management: Tax Tips: Business Basics You Need to Know

Published: January 18 2011

Does the very work “taxes” make you nervous? It shouldn’t! There are so many advantages to your Scentsy Business; Tax deductions included! Join our Scentsy, Inc. Tax Advisor, Tim Larsen, as he shares some of the great deductions you should be aware of and anticipate preparing for.

In just 30 short minutes, Tim will share the following:

  • The tax benefits of your Scentsy Business;
  • How to create a system to keep track of deductions all year long and
  • Ways to leverage your deductions!

If you want some great tax preparation information, this call is a must!

Date: 1/25/11
Time: 10 AM (MST)

Register for the training at:

Scentsy Stampede

Scentsy Convention 2011

Howdy y'all! Next year's Convention will be held in Fort Worth, Texas on August 3-5, 2011-it's going to be a Scentsy Stampede! Start planning now to join us for a rootin' tootin' good time in the Lone Star State.

In the spirit of friendship-Fort Worth's motto-we invited 38 Texans to the stage at Convention in Denver. They were each sent back out into the audience to bring back one person each-a person they had either met at Convention or didn't know at all. The new friends they picked received free registration for Convention 2011, and the Texans will be invited to help kick off the festivities next year. Congratulations to our winners!

Congrats to our Newest Team Members


Sara Brown

Lori Simpson

Tamla Abbott

Rhonda Yarnot


Ella Gray

Angela Burk

Guillermo Mineo

Alejandra Herrera

Barbara Priestley

Elizabeth Thomas

Jaime Mosteller

Teresa Daniels


Vallerie Rough

Kathleen Weeks

Sarah Kemp

Kimberly Krieger

Elizabeth Buker

Chandra Duello

Lynn Shoe


Kaci Jarrett

Jaclyn Tucker

Kimberly Edgers

Jessica Waid

Kristine Bowman

Amanda Williams

Nicole Skagerberg

Renee Heffel

Congrats to our Team Top Sellers


Julie Flynn-cropley - $1304.60

Angela Burk - $1062.10
Maria Irwin - $1031.00
Melissa Bokovitz - $944.20
Marla Midkiff - $927.00
Tammy Crabtree - $862.05
Rachelle Grossman - $845.00
Mildred Weaver - $710.00
Jaime Mosteller - $696.90
D Nay Cotton - $683.50
Kerri Dombroski - $667.60


Julie Flynn-cropley - $2615.16

Cindie Dillard - $1944.07
Christina Johnson - $1797.29
Sarah Kemp - $1577.70
Amy Jones - $1545.70
Krista Coy - $1457.65
Lynn Shoe - $1243.00
Renee Lawson - $1145.10
Marla Midkiff - $1103.57
Mikal Fivas - $1063.30
Ada Vondra - $990.00


Christina Johnson - $2474.20

Misty Jewell - $2247.55
Lisa Lehner $1971.50
Sandra Guymon - $1592.70
Julie Flynn-cropley - $1230.60
Alicia Berardo - $1142.61
Diane Brannan $1076.00
Jackie Vaughn $1044.05
Tammy Crabtree - $919.80
Sunshine Simmons - $919.80
Diana Smith - $908.47


Misty Jewell - $2110.58

Tonya Meiman $1579.50
Cindie Dillard - $1411.65
Ada Vondra - $1394.30
Mikal Fivas - $1374.20
Gingerlyn Lindwall - $1344.10
Christina Johnson - $1271.05
Jana Rowe - $1196.50
Renee Lawson - $1159.80
Maria Irwin - $1064.90
Toni Turnwall - $1010.50

Look who Promoted!!


Cherry Edwards - Certified Cons.
Jaime Mosteller - Certifed Cons.
Alejandra Herrera - Certified Cons.
Angela Burk- Certifed Cons.
Sara Brown - Escential Cons.
Tamia Abbott - Escential Cons.
Lori Simpson - Escential Cons.
Rhonda Yarnot - Escential Cons.


Cheryl Hall - Super Star Cons.
Julie Flynn-cropley - Star Cons.
Kimberly Oliver - Star Cons.
Diana Smith - Star Cons.
Sarah Kemp - Lead. Cons.
Christina Johnson - Lead Cons.
Lynn Shoe - Lead Cons.
Alejandra Herrera - Escential Cons.
Angela Burk - Escential Cons.
Ella Gray - Escential Cons.
Barbara Priestley - Escential Cons.
Guillermo Mineo - Escential Cons.
Elizabeth Thomas - Escential Cons.
Jaime Mosteller - Escential Cons
Teresa Daniels - Escentail Cons.


Miranda Tenney - Star Cons.
Julie Flynn-cropley - Lead Cons.
Toni Turnwall - Lead Cons.
Cassandra Ryan - Certified Cons.
Jackie Vaughn - Certified Cons.
Michelle Plush - Certified Cons.
Kimberly Palmer - Certifed Cons.
Marisol Ramos - Certified Cons.
Krista Coy - Certified Cons.
Morgan Dooley - Certifed Cons.
Karen Ridge - Cerfied Cons.


Miranda Tenney - Lead Consultant
Ada Vondra - Lead Cons.
Christina Johnson - Certified Cons.
Crystal Driskill - Certified Cons.
Nicole Skagerberg - Escential Cons.
Kaci Jarrett - Escential Cons.
Kristine Bowman - Escential Cons.
Jessica Waid - Escential Cons.
Kimberly Edgers - Escential Cons.
Amanda Williams - Escential Cons.
Melissa Sperry - Escential Cons.
Renee Heffel - Escential Cons.
Jaclyn Tucker - Escential Cons.

Look Who is Sharing the amazing Scentsy opportunity!


Mikal Fivas - 2 recruits

Gingerlyn Lindwall - 2 recruits

Christina Johnson - 1 recruit

Toni Turnwall - 1 recruit

Cheryl Hall - 1 recruit

Sandra Guymon - 1 recruit


Julie Flynn-cropley - 1 recruit

Miranda Tenney - 1 recruit

Tara Ellis - 1 recruit

Toni Turnwall - 1 recruit

Cheryl Hall - 1 recruit


Julie Flynn-cropley - 3 recruits

Sarah Kemp - 1 recruit

Krista Coy - 1 recruit

Alicia Berardo - 1 recruit

Sherry Gallagher - 1 recruit

Lynn Osborne - 1 recruit


Julie Flynn - cropley - 1 recruit

Mikal Fivas - 2 recruits